To Sally Tallant

28 March 2014

Sally Tallant
Liverpool, UK

London, UK
28 March 2014

I think you’re right about the week of sessions we’re planning to do in September or October. It is not a symposium. It is not a school. It is not a curatorial intensive. It is not a think tank. It is nothing like Future City, for sure. It is not a residency, though it should drive the Biennial’s institutional learning in the way that your residency in Banff did. Plus, its scope of inquiry may relate to the nature of residency and residences — to residing, abiding, homemaking, inhabiting, dwelling. I still like our working title Letters From Home.

Liverpool Biennial should be a set of relationships. Somehow, we need to identify correspondences between very different times and places, and between different groups and individuals. We need to combine an intimate, relationship-based process (confessing its gaps and secrets), with various forms of public, even spectacular, display.

I return home tomorrow. See you in July.

Who no know, go know!