To Osvaldo Sanchez

20 July 2014

Osvaldo Sanchez
Mexico City, Mexico

San Francisco, California
20 July 2014

Dear Osvaldo,

I’m going to be in DF at the end of next month, and I wanted to ask if we could meet up. Lucía Sanromán told me a bit about the new manifestation of inSite: your Casa Gallina. I’m intrigued by the idea that a biennial — or a recurring, temporary exhibition platform such as inSite has been — would move to take up permanent residence somewhere, indeed permanent residence elsewhere. What does it mean for a biennial to reside in a city, or in a particular neighbourhood? And what does it mean for a biennial to move from the city, or cities, with which it’s identified (in the case of inSite: San Diego/Tijuana) to another?

Best wishes


PS: Thanks to Josh Kun, I now have Sueños de California, Los Tijuana Five’s cover version of the Mamas and the Papas, stuck in my head — mia California, remember? And the aural border.