February 2023
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Prototype Summer Camp: Infinite Guide

Aged 11 - 15, but want to live forever? Crazy tech gurus in Silicon Valley want to convince us that they have the secret to immortality. Do you want in? Then you’re going to need a guide.

Artist collective i-DAT are creating an artificially intelligent bot, to help us prepare to live forever, and they need your help to design it. In this Prototype Camp, you will work with the artists to create your own AI, the Infinite Guide. You’ll learn how to code and train an AI and design the art installation it lives in.

Participants in this camp will have the chance to gain a Silver Art Award by running a public event in response to the Infinite Guide at FACT. To do this you will need to attend an additional two days, Saturday the 25th of August to plan the public event and Saturday the 1st of September to run it. We ask that you only sign up to this camp if you can commit to all of these dates.

Limited spaces are available free of charge for families of children eligible for free school meals. Participants aged 11 and over will also have the change to gain Bronze Arts Award by attending additional day at no extra cost.


31 July – 02 August 2018, 10am–3pm


88 Wood St
L1 4DQ

Open Tuesday–Sunday 11am–6pm, Free


Tickets£60 for 3 days (includes booking fee)