January 2023
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Los Video-Grafitis (From the Ethno-Techno Jukebox)

The installation Los Video-Grafitis (From the Ethno-Techno Jukebox) comprises a compilation of GÀ³mez-PeÀ±a’s short films produced in collaboration with Mexican performance artist Juan Ybarra and various independent filmmakers and performers from diverse communities and backgrounds. Ranging from the poetic and conceptual to the comic, the piece includes performances staged for the camera, archival documentation of GÀ³mez-PeÀ±a’s live work from the past fifteen years, parodies of TV, and performance experiments of ‘reverse anthropology’. It offers an eclectic, compelling and, at times, hilarious antidote to the incessant babble and banal media bombardment of our multi-channel world. ‘The mainstream bizarre has effectively blurred the borders between pop culture, performance, and reality, between audience and performer, between the surface and the underground, between marginal identities and fashionable trends. Artists exploring the tensions between these borders must now be watchful, for we can easily get lost in this fun house of virtual mirrors, epistemologicall inversions and distorted perceptions, a placa where all desires and fears are imaginary, and content is just a fading memory. If this happens, performance artists might end up becoming just another extreme variety act in the great multi-stage circus of global culture.’ Bryan Biggs

Project Credits Courtesy the Artists With thanks to: Jon Burke; Cathy Butterworth; Mechelle Flynn; Angus Gunn; La Pocha Nostra, San Francisco; Daniel Brine and Lois Keidan, Live Art Development Agency, Robert Loder


14 September – 24 November 2002