December 2022
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The Liquid Club #12: David Zink Yi

Join artist David Zink Yi on a journey through his multi-disciplinary practice, exploring the qualities of Afro-Cuban musical tradition and the principle of polyrhythms - the effect produced when two or more simultaneous rhythms are played together, reflecting multiple dynamic constructions of identity that counter binary positions. Together, we will look at Zink Yi’s past, present and future projects spanning sound and performance, and investigate different forms of knowing the world, celebrating the experiential, expressive, multisensory, temporal, affective and somatic.

Featuring special guest author, art historian and documentary filmmaker, Ben Lewis, Liquid Club #12 aims to deepen our understanding of the power of performance, and the role of ritual and community in the development of a musical practice.

The Liquid Club, in partnership with Melodic Distraction Radio, invites collective exploration of the ideas and practices inherent in the upcoming Biennial edition. Join us every month for a series of events focused on sound, listening and aural practices featuring artists from the Biennial including Invernomuto & Jim C Nedd, Jamila Johnson-Small, and Ayesha Hameed.

About the artist

David Zink Yi (b. 1973, Lima, Peru) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Best known for his multi-channel video installations, many of which revolve around the experience of music, Zink Yi’s varied practice comprises of film, photography, sculpture, performance and ceramics. Building on the principles inherent to the Afro-Cuban music tradition, Zink Yi places his focus on the performative strength and interaction of the protagonists, framing the body as a medium of expression and space of resonance.

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The Liquid Club

Launched in 2019 to expand the conceptual thinking behind the Liverpool Biennial’s 11th edition, the Liquid Club began as a monthly critical discussion group, asking how we can conceive of our body beyond its concrete physical boundaries. Starting with anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro’s ideas about expanding our understanding of subjectivity beyond the human, we looked at Sylvia Wynter’s ways of deconstructing the biocentric premise of the human followed by texts from Denise Ferreira da Silva, Rosi Braidotti, Suely Rolnik, and Louis Onuorah Chude-Sokei.

The 2020/21 Liquid Club is delivered in partnership with Melodic Distraction Radio. An independent internet radio station, online magazine and events programmer situated in the heart of Liverpool.

Please note spaces are limited and advance booking is required.


10 December 2020, 7-8pm

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