February 2023
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International 02 Catalogue

This large book, complete with colourful images, tells the story of the 2002 Liverpool Biennial through the eyes of the artists and curators. It includes photographs of the artworks, artists bios, and essays related to the theme. Liverpool Biennial Festival 2002 inhabits the interstices of one of the poorest cities in the European Union. The themes in the 2002 Festival concerned the interplay between passion and desire on the one hand, and frustration or the mechanisms of control on the other. Control the will to dominate our social or material environment is a necessary fact of life for every person, but perhaps more evident in a city in which many people have to struggle for material necessities. The realities of natural and artificial environments, of political and social institutions, of misinformation, mischief and fantasy all frustrate the impulse becomes apparent how intimately control and passion are connected. In art as in life, creativity itself is a play between the artist's desire and the irreducibility of material and form, content and interpretation.

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14 September – 24 November 2002