March 2023
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Dennis McNulty: Homo Gestalt: The Time Domain

‘The Sandcastle’ - New Hall Place

‘The Sandcastle’ - New Hall Place

This 40-minute promenade performance is set in and around New Hall Place, a 1970s office complex locally known as ‘The Sandcastle’. The brutalist architecture of New Hall Place was built to reflect the management systems and hierarchies of Royal Insurance, the original occupying company. The complex also incorporates a 1930s ventilation shaft and more recent architectural additions. McNulty's performance sculpts a spatio-temporal form for the audience to inhabit, a journey through these different time zones which simultaneously addresses their bodies and minds. This performance is part of the Software episode.

Dennis McNulty (b. 1970, Ballinasloe, Ireland) lives in Dublin, Ireland. McNulty's work is generated through an investigation of embodied knowledge in relation to other forms of knowledge, often in the context of the built environment. Beginning with detailed research of various kinds, and informed by his studies in psychoacoustics, the works often take hybrid forms, drawing on aspects of cinema, sculpture, sound and performance. 


10 July 2016, 12.30 & 3pm


New Hall Place
L3 9PP

Limited spaces, booking via 0151 702 5324