February 2023
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In his more recent work, Wogan has extended his documentation to create installations that involve his audience in experiences that resonate with those he has undergone in his investigations. The newly commissioned piece, Below, that Wogan is showing in the International 2002, documents his passage through the SS United States (moored in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). The journey, shot in infrared video, was initially intended to be made in a linear fashion, with Wogan exploring the ship from the top of her stacks to the aft-most part of her shaft. However, in shooting, Wogan found himself becoming lost and engulfed in the labyrinth of the ship’s subterranean, unlit passages. His journey became increasingly difficult as he attempted to navigate a clear path. He compared the feeling of moving through the dense space to being underwater on compressed gas. His final destination, the ship’s boiler room – a huge cavern extending over three storeys – was the highlight of the exploration. Wogan says that at this moment he ‘discovered the heart and soul of this magnificent ocean liner... the engineering of this machine seemed unfathomable to me, its size and complexity keep me awestruck’. In the International 2002, Wogan’s video is projected in a steel chamber located in the centre of a labyrinth. The steel-lined maze replicates the materials and structure of the ship and the path the viewer takes is frequently blocked. In order to see the final work and experience the boiler room, the viewer is subjected to similar conditions that Wogan himself experienced on board the SS United States. David Thorp

Project Credits Courtesy the artist and Universal Concepts Unlimited, New York Commissioned by Henry Moore Foundation Contemporary Projects With thanks to: Universal Concepts Unlimited, New York. The artist would like to give special thanks to League to Lead.


14 September – 24 November 2002


Pleasant Street