Beautiful world, where are you?

320 pages
27cm x 18cm
ISBN 978-1-908970-44-2
Published July 2018
Was £18.95


The accompanying publication Beautiful world, where are you? is published as part of Liverpool Biennial 2018. The book gives another medium for artists and contributors to respond to this timely question, offering the pages as a place to reflect, educate and invigorate. Designed as a non-hierarchal platform, the book explores ideas around language, gender, migration, histories, economics, music, technology and environment.

Including texts by Lucy Ash, John Bridgeland and Sylvia Earle, Eugenia Cheng, Sophie Collins, Reni Eddo-Lodge, Inua Ellams, Geoffrey Farmer, Candice Hopkins, Kenric McDowell, Gerald McMaster, David Suzuki, Imre Szeman, Rufus Wainwright and contributions from the Liverpool Biennial 2018 artists.

Published by Art Books Publishing Ltd

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