Liverpool Biennial 2021
The Stomach and the Port
From 20 March – 27 June

Our full exhibition programme is now closed, but visitors can still enjoy groundbreaking art in person at FACT and Bluecoat until August & September.

The complete presentation of our 11th edition united our full artist list through nine exhibition venues, outdoor sculptures, sonic & digital commissions and online events programme. You can still visit the Biennial virtually through our VR exhibitions and curatorial tours, as well as our range of podcasts, videos and resources available to enjoy.

Liverpool Biennial 2021 explores notions of the body. Drawing on non-Western ways of thinking, the 11th edition challenges an understanding of the individual as a defined, self-sufficient entity. The body is instead seen as a fluid organism that is continuously shaped by and shaping its environment. A plethora of artistic practices inform this edition: many of the artworks include sound, shun direct representation, de-stabilise gender categories or look at intense forms of contact. Liverpool, and its maritime history as a point of global contact and circulation, provides the perfect ecosystem to situate these enquiries.

The Stomach and the Port develops through three entry points – stomach, porosity and kin. The stomach is viewed as a primary organ engaging with the world. Porosity is embraced as a way of responding to borders or the strict contours of the skin. The notion of kin is revisited as a social tissue that prepares us for abundant futures.

The artists in this edition share concerns with the definition, invention and circulation of bodies and their knowledges. They engage with histories of contamination and gather together ways of understanding our bodies as zones capable of expansion: where agency can be distributed amongst beings, ideas of representation are substituted by forms of embodiment, and concepts of kinship extend beyond everyday human experience towards a more inclusive society.

The Biennial programme is presented in locations across Liverpool, including public spaces, historic sites and the city’s leading art venues: Bluecoat, Liverpool Central Library, Cotton Exchange Building, Exchange Flags, FACT, National Museums Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery, and Tate Liverpool. New for 2021, Liverpool Biennial’s reach will also expand to Lush Liverpool and the city’s historic Lewis’s Building.

Liverpool Biennial 2021: The Stomach and the Port is curated by Manuela Moscoso.

The 11th edition of Liverpool Biennial: The Stomach and the Port was scheduled to take place in 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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