Uri Aran

Uri Aran, Departments, 2014

Uri Aran, Departments, 2014

Microcosms for plastic grapes, pizza boxes, passport photos, silkscreened websites, and other stranded ephemera –Uri Aran plays with the way endless repetition can strip the banal of its meaning. His drawings, videos, and sculptures animate the space between purpose and improvisation, work and instinct, man and animal.

Uri Aran (b. 1977 Israel) lives in New York. Aran graduated from Columbia University in 2007. His solo presentations include Five minutes before, South London Gallery, London; and here, here and here, Kunsthalle Zürich, both 2013. His work has also been shown at Whitney Biennial, 2014 and Venice Biennial 2013. 

Uri Aran at Liverpool Biennial 2014

Departments, 2014
Four oak and mixed media sculptures
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014

Double Jack, 2014
Mixed media 

Jacques, 2014
Oil pastel, ink, clear polyurethane, acrylic, wax on cut paper

Clerk, 2014
Wood, ink, pencil, wax, metal brackets

Blue Jack, 2014
Mixed media on paper

Uncle in jail, 2014
Mixed media

Untitled, 2014
Mixed media

Untitled on Wood, 2014
Mixed media on Formic and ink on wood

Untitled 14, 2014
Mixed media

Untitled Bus 1, 2014
Mixed media on paper

Baryshnikov's, 2014
Mixed media

Seasons, 2014
Mixed media

Still Life on White, 2014
Mixed media

Teacher, 2014
Black marker, inkjet transfer, black ink, wood stain on reversed photo paper

Untitled Bus 2, 2014

The Donut Gang, 2009
Video, colour with sound, 7'40"

Exhibited at The Old Blind School