Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet

Louise Hervé and Chloe Maillet are at once amateur archaeologists and science-fiction enthusiasts, and this mix makes their approach to historical truth precarious. Usually taking the site where they happen to land as the starting point for their films, performances and slide projections, they look for narratives and objects that they weave together through different genre-specific logics coming from cult fiction, social science, art history and cinema. Their methodology is borrowed from science, but the result is more invented mythology than empirical fact. Their new film combines marine archaeology, thalassotherapy, forgotten civilizations, immortality, and post-humanity.

Louise Hervé and Chloe Maillet (b.1981, France) live in Paris. Their recent solo exhibitions include Scholar’s Rock, Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery, 2013; The Exoteric Wall, Kunsthaus Glarus, 2012; Pythagoras and the monster, Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2011. In 2013, they produced performances for Biennale de Lyon, FIAC and Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Ermenonville.