Christina Ramberg

Installation view of Christina Ramberg’s work, The Old Blind School, 2014.Photograph by Mark McNulty.

Handkerchiefs. Skirts. Hats. Hairdos. Lingerie. Torsos. Hips. Shirts. Pants. Shoes. Shoulders. Christina Ramberg worked with images of bodies and body parts, making paintings that link traditional costuming and garments with anatomy and morphology, injecting them with a feminist punch. Her paintings come from an interest in the cultural identification of images, exploring a combination of pictorial forms and erotic desire through the representation of taxonomies and typologies of things associated with the feminine.

Christina Ramberg (b. 1946, Kentucky, d. 1995 Chicago)'s works have been exhibited at the Renaissance Society, Chicago; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the ICA Philadelphia; and other museums in the United States and internationally.