Anika, 2013. Photograph by Alisa Resnik

Anika, 2013. Photograph by Alisa Resnik

Annika Henderson aka Anika (b. 1987) is a Berlin-based political journalist, poet, singer, DJ, musician, artist, photographer and radio host. As a musician, singer and DJ she performs under the moniker Anika. She came to prominence in 2010, when she released her self-titled début EP "Anika" (Stones Throw, 2010), produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead and backed by his band BEAK>. Dub with no overdubs, the collaboration is political, trashy, dub, punk, funk ... a cohesive sound, and experience in uneasy listening.

Not content with playing the album in its original form, Anika has since been exploring means of expression, working with poetry, video and alternative arrangements during her live performances, with backing provided by a variety of Berlin, London and Mexico City based line-ups, including collaborations with kraut legends Neu!, Jandek, Pete Swanson, Yann Tierson and Kreidler.

Anika performed live at the Kazimier as part of The Companion on Saturday 20 September 2014.