Pavillions ProjectPavilions

Rotunda Pavillion, Kirkdale, 2008

Garston Pavillion, 2008

Edge Hill Pavillion, 2008

Rotunda Pavillion, Kirkdale, 2008

The Pavilions project took the form of three large-scale, temporary creative spaces in the Liverpool neighbourhoods of Kirkdale, Garston and Kensington.

Each community followed a very different approach to their site, working collaboratively with international artists and architects to embed their individual needs and aspirations into the spaces. 

For the Rotunda Pavilion, Rotunda in Kirkdale worked with internationally acclaimed Landscape Architects GROSS Max on designs to convert a strip of derelict land outside their building into a community garden. The gardens are divided into two parts: a Folly with a vertical garden inside contains spaces for activities and events; the second part will be divided into ‘Bar Code’ garden strips of varying widths, which will be tended by community groups throughout the year creating a multi-textured environment for the whole community to enjoy. The gardens opened to public delight on 28 April 2008.

For the Edge Hill Pavilion, Metal in Kensington invited Colombian Father and Son team Luis and Juan Pelaez to design a stunning transformation of the disused approach to Edge Hill Station. Nexus is a sea of glowing columns along the length of the space, referencing the design of the original flooring found in the station in 1830. The Pavilion launched together with Metal’s new programme for Edge Hill Station on 3 May 2008.

For the Garston Pavilion, Garston Cultural Village and Artist Michael Trainor worked together to stage an amazing ‘Cultural Revolution’ as the declaration of the Artistic Republic of Garston on 31 May 2008. The Wellington Street School building in the neighbourhood has become The Garston Embassy, complete with palm trees, fountain, sculpture garden and a balcony of waving dignitaries. The official staterooms inside are available to hire for community programming.