July 2018
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Discover our packed programme of events, including artist performances, talks, tours, film screenings and family-friendly activities, for Liverpool Biennial 2018. 

26 July 2018Climate Grief and the Visible Horizon – Meehan Crist
A talk by Meehan Crist (Writer-in-residence in Biological Sciences, Columbia University, New York)
04 August 2018Artist Talk: Ryan Gander
Join artist Ryan Gander in conversation with Dominic Wilkinson (Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Liverpool John Moores University) at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.
13 September 2018Self-Repairing Cities – Mark Miodownik
A talk by Mark Miodownik (Professor of Materials and Society, University College London)
27 September 2018The Fabric of the Planetary Surface – Jussi Parikka
A talk by Jussi Parikka (Professor of Technological Culture and Aesthetics, University of Southampton, UK, and Docent of Digital Culture Theory, University of Turku, Finland)
11 October 2018A Great Enchanted Garden: Can AI Give Us Back Our Sense of Wonder? – Ryan Avent
A talk by Ryan Avent (Senior Editor and Free Exchange Columnist, The Economist, Arlington, USA)
18 October 2018Reclaiming Beauty as a Public Good – Angela Nagle
A talk by Angela Nagle (Writer, author of Kill All Normies, Dublin and New York)
26 October 2018Aliens, Fieldwork, and Universal Grammar – Jessica Coon and Vincenzo Latronico
A talk by Jessica Coon and a conversation with Vincenzo Latronico