Madiha Aijaz

Madiha Aijaz, These Silences Are All The Words (film still), 2017-2018. Image courtesy the artist

Madiha Aijaz, These Silences Are All The Words (film still), 2017-2018. Image courtesy the artist

Madiha Aijaz (b. 1981, Karachi, Pakistan) lives and works in Karachi, Pakistan. Working with photographs, film and fiction, Aijaz’s practice is concerned with how pleasure and entertainment are experienced in public spaces. She photographs railways, devotional towns and public libraries, studying spaces and communities that have become peripheral to civic life, but which by tenacity and chance continue to survive. Her book on Hindu temples, Call to Conscience was published in 2014. Aijaz is an Assistant Professor at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and holds an MFA in Photography from Parsons with a Fulbright Scholarship. 

Madiha Aijaz has created a new video work for Liverpool Biennial 2018. These Silences Are All the Words explores the public libraries of Karachi, Pakistan, against the backdrop of the changing landscape of the city. Focusing on librarians who have been working for years in traditional institutions such as Bedil Library, Aijaz tells the stories of an aging intelligentsia. The conversations explore how librarians and the library’s users reflect on the city outside the library’s walls, and the shift of language from Urdu and its poetic and literary history to the ambition and individualism associated with English. Many of Aijaz’s works quietly offer a perspective on a country sharply divided along linguistic lines. Her work contextualises the complexity of the post-colonial state and its aspirations and ambitions surrounding the English language not only as the legacy of the Raj, but also as a tool for authority and social mobility. Using photography, film and text, Aijaz combines different media to present a city’s history from a literary point of view. Excerpts from the project were installed in the empty shelves of the Theosophical Society Library, one of the oldest public libraries of Karachi, and the full film will be presented in a new configuration in Liverpool.

Recent exhibitions include the Karachi Biennial, Pakistan (2017); 10th International Documentary & Short Film Festival of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, India (2017); IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, New Delhi, India (2015); and Urban Flux Film Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa (2012).

Madiha Aijaz is co-commissioned with Karachi Biennale and The Tetley, as part of the New North and South, in collaboration with Hospitalfield and ROSL Arts


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